Lunchtime Bowls

Ok everyone, this recipe DOES require some extra credit, but I thought I'd give you some cooking ideas that use ingredients from all over market, and will leave you some quick lunch leftovers that will last through the week. I present the grain bowl.

The beauty of the grain bowl is that all the ingredients can be substituted for what's in season at market. But there are some basics that you should include to make it tasty every time you make one. Pro tip: take some time over the weekend to cook all of these ingredients in large quantities all at once. It does take some effort but the easy lunch throughout the week is worth it.

The Base

You can use the normal white or brown rice you're used to, or you can get crazy and make a mix of quinoa, black rice, bulgar wheat, spelt, or any of those other crazy grains you've seen at the bulk section. I used a mix of black rice and quinoa and my grains turned a beautiful purple color.

The Greens

This is a great time of year for greens shopping. Try heartier greens like pac choi, cabbage, kale, or collards: cut them up, moisten them with apple cider vinegar and give them a squeeze. By the time you're done assembling your bowl they'll be tenderized.

The Roast

Tons of roots are also all over market right now, and you can roast them all the same way. Turn your oven on to 400. Cut your roots into bitesize chunks, toss them in olive oil, spread them out on a baking sheet and roast till tender. You can do this with radishes, rutabagas, Seminole pumpkins, sweet potatoes, turnips, carrots, beets WHATEVER.

The Upgrades

Two upgrades make your bowl better: cheese and herbs. Try goat cheese from Kuma's Playpen or Dogwood Lane, or cow cheese from Cypress Point. Look around at our other farmers for parsley, cilantro, dill and other fresh herbs.

The Sauce

Even though your bowl is already made up of a ton of flavors, a bold sauce can really tie them all together. Try a tumeric tahini dressing, miso tahini dressing, or a good old fashioned mojo sauce.