Wellborn Farms


Carol Gibbons believes her son William Gibbons’ path to growing was meant to be. William’s grandfather was a developer and contractor, but loved to grow things. After William graduated from college, his grandfather died, and William decided to buy land for a farm. “William had a degree in fine arts, and suddenly became a farmer,” Carol said. “His grandfather’s spirit jumped to William.”

Fresh Florida blueberries are a summer treat that we look forward to every year at the farmers market, and we’re always glad to see the Wellborn Farms booth. Wellborn Farms is near Lake City, and it’s a family operation-- William grows the berries, and his mother Carol and sister Christy help out at market to sell them. “William has owned the land for over 30 years,” said Christy. “And he’s been working it ever since he bought it.”

Highbush blueberry varieties ripen in late April, followed by rabbiteye varieties that ripen through June and July. William is currently working with a retired UF professor to develop a new variety that ripens in the fall, which would extend the harvest for a couple of extra months.

The Gibbons take great pride in their produce, which are pesticide-free. “It’s important to people,” Carol said. “You don’t want to eat something that’s been sprayed. And luckily for the Gibbons’, this part of Florida is blueberry country. “The land is just so fertile and perfect for blueberries, he doesn’t have to fertilize much, and what he does use is organic.”