The Vine Bakery



Dean Griebel, owner of The Vine bakery,  has been making bread for about three years, but spent years working in some of Gainesville’s finest restaurants. He started baking because he was looking for good bread, and just jumped into the business. That’s where the kitchen experience came in handy. “I learned a good sourdough and was able to repeat it,” Dean said. “The leap of how to make a loaf and how to make 50 loaves wasn’t that bad because of the restaurant experience.”

And the bread just took off. Sourdough is The Vine’s specialty. It’s made of organic flour, and it’s fermented instead of baked with yeast. Along with bread, you can find pastries and pasta for sale at their booth every week. 

Now baking has become a way of life. “Country loaf is around our house all the time,” said Dean. “When we don’t have bread at home, I don’t know what to eat. I forget how to cook.”