Silvestre Designs

The story of Silvestre Designs is one that crosses cultures and countries. His 18-year journey in jewelry-making started with a literal journey. “I traveled for ten years with my backpack across South and Central America,” Silvestre said. “I made jewelry to support my travel. In between I met people who taught me-- talented people who do metalwork and woodwork, and they shared with me.”

Silvestre’s journey to the United States began when he taking language classes in a native language called Nahuatl. There in class, he met his ex-wife, and moved here in 2007. He has since remarried, and began a new life in this country.

Silvestre makes tribal jewelry out of metal and wood, which are infused with symbols from Mayan and Aztec cultures. “Spirals mean movement in life,” Silvestre said. “It means to never be attached to anything in life, because everything changes.”