Sarafay Farm



Mike Whitaker might be the face of Sarafay Farm at the Haile Farmers Market, but it’s his wife BJ who is the baker behind the operation. The two started their business at the Ocala Farmers Market, selling traditional baked treats and jellies. “People started asking for gluten-free bread, and it soon became the majority of our business,” Mike said. “BJ opened a bakery because there’s no other gluten-free bakery within 90 miles of us.”

Sarafay Farm uses flour blends to replace gluten in their baking. Why the clamor for gluten-free products? “You know people are looking to eat healthier,” Mike said. “People are trying to get off carbs or trying to go Paleo.” But the hard part of trying to make a healthy change is leaving out foods that you really like. Can you imagine a life without sandwiches or baked desserts? Never fear. “Our sandwich bread is the best selling bread,” Mike said. “My favorite is the fruit cake. We use all southern fruit, which we ferment 30 days before we make a batch of bread.”