Haile Farmers Market Rules

Primary Vendor Application Fees: An annual Membership Fee of $25.00 is due with this application and every January, thereafter. Booth fees are monthly @ $10/market (due the 1st Saturday) or weekly @ $15.

Policies: The Haile Farmers Market is owned and operated by Community Green Markets. Because we are a “farmers market,” our policies give priority to Farm Vendors. Applications are accepted on a case by case basis by the Market Manager.

In order to vend at the Haile Farmers Market, you must follow the Haile Farmers Market Rules & Regulations, as such:
• You must grow or create your own product. BROKERING IS PROHIBITED.
• Farm vendors must be inspected prior to vending at market and seasonally, thereafter.
• Plant vendors must attach a copy of DPI inspection. Organic farms must attach a copy of certification. Only certified organic farmers can label produce “organic.”
• All food vendors must attach a copy of liability insurance and if applicable, proof of certified kitchen. And, meet all required State laws regarding food preparation and sale.
• You must follow the safety, noise and courtesy rules. These are “no second chance” rules. Vendors who do not follow these rules will not be allowed to vend at the market.
• Booths are 10‘WX10’DX10’H. Only farmers may seasonally extend beyond this space.
• You cannot enter the market area before 7:00 am. You cannot vend before 8:30 am.
• You cannot bring your vehicle into the market area after 8:00 am or before 12:00 pm.
• You must enter, exit and park your vehicle as specified by the Market Manager. You must position your vehicle when unloading so it does not block another booth space . You must unload immediately on arrival and move your vehicle as soon as unload is complete. You cannot set up your booth display until after you move your vehicle.

When you send this application, you agree that you have received, read, understand and will abide by the “Haile Farmers Market Rules & Regulations” and you agree to follow the direction of the Market Manager or Designee.