KN Candied Jalapenos

It was a trip to Texas that introduced Al Simmons to candied jalepenos. “In Texas it’s called cowboy candy,” Al said. “I thought, ‘I’m gonna figure those things out.’”

Al had always cooked at his home in Ocala, but it took him six months to establish the recipe for his candied jalepenos.The peppers do pack a little heat, but Al makes sure to let people know that they’re made for wimps and sissies. He suggests you eat them on hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers and nachos, or use them as a replacement for relish in egg salad or tuna salad. The easiest way to eat them? As an appetizer, with cream cheese and crackers.

Al has had so much success with his cowboy candy he’s about to take his one man operation to go into commercial production. “I was trying to cook them up for myself, but eventually I had so many I went to the downtown market in Ocala,” he said. “The next week they were coming looking for me. Now I’m unable to quit.”