The Hyppo


We’ve all had popsicles, but what makes a gourmet ice pop? Joey Muccio of The Hyppo explains: “They’re flash frozen, so they’re not a hard texture when you bite in,” he said.

More importantly, The Hyppo pops are made with fresh fruit, using only evaporated cane juice for sweetener. “You can tell it’s made with real stuff,” Joey said. Which fruits, you ask? Well, you have 500 rotating flavors to choose from, from strawberry basil to pineapple cilantro to mango habanero. The Elvis (peanut butter and banana) is the most popular pop. “A lot of our pops change with the Florida seasonal fruits,” said Joey. “It’s important for us to use seasonal fruit and support local farms, and help those businesses out.” 

The Hyppo first opened in St. Augustine, but has since expanded to add three locations in Gainesville. Joey brings six different flavors to market each week, and is open to suggestions about which flavors to feature.

And what’s Joey’s favorite? “Horchata,” he said, made of rice milk and cinnamon. “Some of the flavors you wouldn’t think go together, but each one will grow on you,” he said. “Even the weird ones.”