Hidden Treasures Woodworking

The craft behind Chris Jones’ woodworking is steeped in history. “I met a lady who knew I worked with wood, and she brought me her grandmother’s biscuit bowl,” Chris said. “Back in 1918, she kept flour in it all the time, and when she wanted to make biscuits she put lard and buttermilk in it, then dropped them in the skillet. Her husband made it for her, it was his design.” Chris took a pattern from the bowl, and that’s how Hidden Treasures Woodworking got started.

Chris’ business is truly local-- he uses materials found in our area. “I start out with the whole log, cherry, oak, or gum,” he said. “They’re native here in Florida, and often I retrieve wood that’s already cut.”

Like many of our vendors, Chris began focusing on his craft during the economic recession when his construction work started slowing down. “The first one I made, it took me all week to do,” Chris said. “After I started on the first one, I started working on biscuit bowls every day-- I got a demand for them.”