Green Pens

Jason Green of Green Pens is one of those lucky guys who gets to make money doing something he actually likes. “It’s more of a hobby that I’ve turned into a business,” Jason said. “It’s not like work, I get to enjoy doing it.”Jason is an electrician by trade, and does handy work throughout the week. But he joined a wood shop a few years back, where he learned how to use the lathe to spin wood, and eventually learned to make pens.

He uses exotic woods, stone-like corian, and brightly colored acrylics as the shells for his pens and iPad styluses. Handmade pens make great special occasion gifts. “A lot of people buy them for Father’s Day and Christmas, and graduation,” Jason said. Take a look at the Green Pens booth and you’ll see other crafts for sale, including framed nature photos. Jason’s interest in photography started when he was a teenager, and he has recently focused his lense on birds and wildlife.

The Haile Farmers Market is a great opportunity for creative artisans to connect their craft with customers. “Customers like buying something from a local artist, something that’s made in America,” Jason said. So remember Green Pens next time you need to find a special gift.