The Gourmet Muffin

Kimberly Paulauskas and her business partner/best friend Katherine Edwards made the great leap together: after both working at a corporate bakery, they decided to leave the certainty of a regular paycheck and cushy benefits to start their own baking business called The Gourmet Muffin. “Katherine was my boss,” Kimberly said. “She left first, I followed later.”

Both women bake and sell their muffins, which are made with flax and olive oil and come in both vegan and gluten-free options. Kimberly used to be vegan for five years, so she understands the void of not having muffins in her life because of diet restrictions. The two bakers look to their friends and family for muffin flavor inspiration. “My mom loves peach blueberry cobbler,” Kimberly said. “And Katherine’s mom loves white chocolate lattes. That’s just how we came up with flavors.”

So far, things are looking up for The Gourmet Muffin. They are based in Winter Park, but have no permanent storefront. “We go farmers markets from Clearwater to Gainesville,” Kimberly said. “We love meeting new people, seeing new things.” And how is it going starting a business with your best friend? “We’re like sisters,” Kimberly said. “We will fight all day long and then at the end of the day, we’re like, ‘Love you bye!’”.