Goodness Snow's Artisanal Truffles and Chocolate



Sometimes it can take a few years for dreams to come true, but for Gwen Snow Goodness Snow’s Artisanal Truffles and Chocolate it was better late than never. “I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when I was 10,” she said. “And at age 54 I decided to become a chocolatier.”

The most fun items on Gwen’s table are treats dunked in Belgian-style chocolate, like chocolate covered marshmallows and chocolate covered pretzel sticks. “I got yelled at last week because I ran out of chocolate covered oreos,” she said. She also sells nut clusters, white chocolate peppermint bark, and her real specialty: truffles.

The individually wrapped chocolate balls are filled with different flavors, like raspberry, Irish cream, coffee and hazelnut. Some are covered in dark chocolate, which, according to Gwen, highlight the flavors of the filling. Her favorite treat on the table are the limoncello and white chocolate truffles dipped in milk chocolate.

But come find out which chocolate delicacy is your favorite. Gwen will be glad talk with you about her craft. “I love chocolate, and I want to share my passion with people,” she said.