Goldie's Crystal Creations



Goldie Berman of Goldie’s Crystal Creations is a one woman jewelry shop. “When I see a stone I like, I make a new piece out of it,” Goldie said. “I just think what would go nice with what, what stone can I use? A pendant? One, two or three strands?”

Goldie loves crystals, and she only uses the highest quality Swarovski crystals and sterling silver clasps in her pieces. Her interest in jewelry-making started years back, but now that she’s retired from her bookkeeping job she can focus on jewelry all she wants. “I started making it for my family,” she said. “I liked doing it, and people liked what I made, so I started making more...and more... and more.”

If you like what you see at Goldie’s booth, you better grab it up because her pieces are truly unique. “I only make one of a kind because I can’t remember what I did before!” she said.