Elisabeta Kitchen

Elisabeta Diohisi is the chef behind Elisabeta Kitchen, which specializes in the Mediterranean fusion food that she grew up with. Elisabeta’s Albanian and Greek dishes were born from her background-- she grew up in Albania. She learned to cook with her mother, and her booth is stacked with traditional dishes, like spinach pie, marinated olives, and stuffed grape leaves. “The moussaka and meat pie are my favorites,” Elisabeta said. And there’s good reason, because most of her recipes came from her mom. “She used to roll 70 filo doughs for baklava every day,” Elisabeta said.

Before becoming a vendor at the Haile Farmers Market, Elisabeta spent her time raising two boys. Both are grown now-- one lives in Melbourne, and the other attends Flagler College. Now that the kids are out of the house, it leaves her more time to focus on baking for market. “I love coming to market,” she said. “The customers here are very generous. I love the people and the setting.”