Crawford Farm

There’s a lot of history behind Crawford Farms. “My husband Rod has been growing strawberries since his 20s,” said Crawford Farms owner Pam Crawford. The farm is located in Lawtey, which used to be the Strawberry Capital of the World. “Trainloads used to come out of there,” Pam said. “It’s just good sweet ground for strawberries.”

Farming on the Crawford’s three acres is a family affair. Pam and Rod live on the farm, as well as Rod’s son. Rod’s brother lives right across from the fields, Pam’s daughter lives down the road, and her nephew is around the corner. “Me and rod pick the berries to start, but then it gets out of hand and we have to hire on people,” Pam said.

The Crawfords sell their entire crop at farmers markets during strawberry season, which starts in December and goes through the first of June, depending on the heat. But with all those strawberries around, Pam is picky about how she eats them. “I like to eat them out of the field, warm with the sun shining on them,” Pam said. “Then I bring them in, wash them, and cut them up for my grandbabies.”