Blue Gill Seafood

According to Miles Burnett of Blue Gill Seafood, when it comes to seafood fresh caught really makes a difference. “We plan each week by what’s being caught fresh and locally,” Miles said. “Our seafood is always fresh, no preservatives.”

Blue Gill promotes which fish are in season in Florida. In early fall, for example, grouper, mahi mahi, and tuna are fresh-caught from the Sunshine State. “We buy from different fishermen so we can go directly to the source,” Miles said. David Runkle from Yankeetown, FL is one of those Florida fishermen that Blue Gill supports. “He’s a hard working guy, fishes five days a week,” Miles said. “He’s fishing for the right reasons. He’s supporting his family and putting a fresh product on the table.”

Miles suggests serving his fish from the grill. Use any white fish, like snapper, mahi mahi, or grouper, take the skin off the back and rub it in butter. Then, place a bed of onions on a sheet of foil, put the fish on top and add thyme and lemon. Throw it on the grill to cook, and then serve it on rice.