Windswept Farm


Donald Perry of Windswept Farm has been around farming his whole life. “My dad was a tomato and watermelon farmer in Marion County,” he said. “And in 2015 I retired after working 36 years with the Florida Department of Agriculture.”

Now he and his wife Linda have turned a hobby into  a business. They have 20 acres of property with a couple of acres in vegetable production, with their biggest crop being melons in the summer. Most of the work is done by hand, but neighbors come over to help out when they’re working on a big project. “We always had a big garden and we couldn’t eat all of it,” Donald said. “Now Linda helps me pick and get things ready for the market.”

As with many of our vendors, coming to market is a big reward. “I enjoy the growing, and I also love selling here, being around people,” Donald said. “I enjoy it when people come back and tell me my produce is some of the best they’ve ever had-- it makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over.”