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Willow Garden


Phil and Dee Mullen are the husband and wife team behind Willow Gardens, a succulent design company that started a year ago. “Dee was a florist for many years,” Phil said. “That’s where she gets her design experience.”

Succulents are in the cactus family, which means they require very little water. Overwatering kills them, in fact, making them the perfect house plant for the forgetful indoor gardener. They need about 3 hours of sun a day and water every week to two weeks. And with that little bit of care, some varieties can get to the size of a head of lettuce, and others can put out vines a couple of feet long.

“I like the aloe,” Phil said. “It’s the easiest to take care of-- it requires less light, it doesn’t overgrow or get leggy. You can put it in one pot and keep it there.”

Remember Willow Gardens next time you need a specially designed gift!