Vendor Applications

Farm Vendors

We welcome all applications from local farmers. Please remember that our mission is to support local farm families. This means we are a non-brokering market. You can only sell what you grow yourself. We strictly enforce this and conduct seasonal farm inspections. In support of our current farm members we work to keep our market in balance with its carrying capacity, so at times, we have a waiting list.

Food Vendors

While space is currently limited, we still welcome applications from local artisan food vendors creating unique products that are not already represented at our market. We do not allow brokering: you can only sell what you make yourself. You must also carry product liability insurance and show proof that you meet all local and state food preparation laws.

Craft Vendors

Unfortunately, due to space limitations we are no longer accepting weekly craft vendor applications.


New Vendor Application Process

The first step if you're interested in vending is to contact us by email at In your email, let us know what type of product you want to sell, how often you would like to attend the market, and indicate if you have already completed the 2017 vendor application (located at the bottom of this page).  This helps us expedite the new vendor process but does not necessarily guarantee official vendor status. The turn around time for response is one-two weeks, so please be patient.  

If we have room and you have a product that works well with our market, the Market Manager will instruct you on how to complete all of the steps necessary to become a vendor.  Once we have copies of your required documents and have completed our inspection of your operation, the Market Manager will allow you to begin participating as a vendor for a four-market trial period. 

Please take a minute to read the Haile Farmer's Market  Rules and Regulations

 Click Here for the 2017 Vendor Application