Upstream Jax

Upstream Jax brings a taste of wild Alaska to Gainesville, and does so sustainably. “I have a big passion for wild Alaska seafood,” said Upstream Jax owner Luda Cliene. “It’s the highest quality on the market.” Luda’s business partner goes to Alaska every May with a captain and four-man crew, and uses drift net fishing techniques to catch enough salmon for the year. When Upstream Jax first started coming to market, they were selling whole salmon, but customers had a big demand for smoked salmon. “Our salmon is hickory smoked, with sea salt, olive oil and pepper, for 2 hours at 200 degrees,” Luda said. “We decided to turn it into a dip as well, and it’s taken off. It’s our best seller.”

What makes Upstream Jax salmon special is that customers can be assured that they are contributing to the preservation of Alaskan fisheries. The catch is based off quotas, which apply to the whole fishing industry.  “Every year fish and game authorities let a certain amount of fish up into the rivers to spawn, to spend a year in the rivers and lakes and then go out to sea,” Luda said. “It’s not overfished or underfished, and makes a strong, healthy fishery.”