Thurston Garden Design

Sometimes people are lucky enough to discover their passion early on in life. Tom Thurston of Thurston Garden Design is just one of those people-- he got into nursery work when he was only 15 years old. “I got my first job in a nursery in New York,” he said.  “It was my identity, I just loved it. It was what I did.”

Tom has years of garden design experience for new houses and for garden makeovers. Not only that, he propagates plants for many uses, including yard landscaping, cut flower gardens, and vegetable gardens. “I get excited when people buy something that’s really gonna grow, something that will give them a lot of satisfaction,” he said. He’s most proud of his roses, but he is also happy to send folks home with edible plants like the superfood moringa.

To visit him when he’s not at market, go to Green Market Nursery at Greenery Square at 5402 NW 8th Ave. Shop for plants at his storefront, or stop by to talk about your future landscape design plans.