Dr. Wayne Garland, the founder and research director of PaleoGanic, has firsthand experience with the foods used in his product lineup. Over 30 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live, which motivated him to go on a quest throughout Asia to find foods for a cure. He survived his bout with cancer, and continued to study the medicinal powers of food, receiving his PhD in nutritional science from Shanghai University.

“I discovered these super foods in India, Korea, Okinawa, and Bhutan,” he said. PaleoGanic’s soups use ingredients like lion’s mane mushrooms, turmeric and bladderwrack seaweed, which are all nutrient-dense foods that have traditional healing properties. PaleoGanic offers four types of soups, including Okinawan Longevity Sea Vegetable, Lion’s Mane, Mega Matcha Green Tea, and Turmeric Circuminoid Spiced Root Vegetable.

PaleoGanic is a project supported by the Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research, a current resident of the Innovation Hub at the University of Florida. “Everything we do is based on documented public research,” Wayne said. “This is the only immune system science food company in America, and possibly the world.”

So far, PaleoGanic soups are sold in Wards and Lucky’s and the company is in the process of expanding their distribution. “But this is our base, this farmers market,” Wayne said. “This is perfect market research, to test what people like and get feedback.”