Ovalle Nursery

Pedro Ovalle knows how to get big bang for your buck when it comes to landscaping. He specializes in ground covers, which start as tiny plants but grow super fast. This is his third year in the nursery business, and he is building his plants stock by propagating all his plant material himself. “I worked as a truck driver for a nursery, and I got to know the material by talking to co-workers,” Pedro said. “They taught me the tricks.” Pedro’s two-acre nursery is located in Ft. White.

Ovalle Nursery carries plants for all seasons, like azaleas, knock out roses, trays of mondo grass, and jasmine. All the plants are low maintenance-- they just need water and fertilizer. “Ground cover is nice because they are plants that can fill up a big spot without having to spend a lot of money or time,” Pedro said.

So does your yard need an easy makeover? Visit Pedro’s booth next time at market and talk plants!