Nana Pat's Goodies



Tired of regular old strawberry jelly? Sure it’s good, but let’s get some pizzazz in our spreads. How about Red Hothead jelly-- that’s made of grapefruit, strawberries, cayenne and datil peppers. Now we’re talking pizzazz.

Nana Pat’s Goodies is new in town. Chef Pat McCarthy and her husband just moved to Gainesville three years ago from Michigan. “We got really tired of snow. Tired of six foot snow drifts,” Pat said.  She specializes in jams and jellies, as well as specialty mustard.


Pat’s jams and jellies are made from local and seasonal fruit, and they contain one quarter of the sugar in traditional jelly. You can use them as you normally would on toast, or as a glaze when grilling or in stirfry sauce. Pat’s recipe for Asian Glazed Grilled Salmon was recently featured in Gainesville Magazine. Pat’s mustards are fermented like old fashioned mustard in Europe, and they feature local ingredients like Swamphead beer, spices, wine, and honey.

Why the focus on local ingredients? “It stimulates the local economy,” Pat said. “The latest research shows that locally spent dollars stay in the local economy longer, and local businesses return more to the local economy than big chains.”

Nana Pat’s Goodies is a small operation for now, and she relishes her time at market. “It’s my social time,” she said. “I work at home, and this is our way of meeting people. This is where we’ve made friends.” But Nana Pat’s isn’t staying small for long-- Pat is working toward commercial production of her products. Visit her website if you’re interested in finding out more about her GoFundMe campaign to scale up production.