Margot's Impeccable Pickles


The mobile food industry in Florida is a story of transformations, and the story of Margot’s Impeccable Pickles is no exception.

Margot Wilder is the woman behind the pickles. By day, she’s the Director of Development for the Child Advocacy Center in Gainesville. But at night she’s at Blue Oven Kitchens, using her grandmother’s spice recipe to create slightly spicy dill pickles.

Blue Oven Kitchens is a community kitchen that food entrepreneurs rent to prepare food in a certified kitchen, allowing them to sell their products legally without having to rent an entire building. Margot is engaged to the man behind Nicky D’s hot sauce, a habanero garlic sauce also for sale at their booth.

So who is the redhead selling pickles at market each week? That’s Avery Kitchens, a family friend who mans the booth. He’s a high school student, and when he’s not running a cross country race you can talk pickles with him on almost every Saturday.