Kuma's Playpen and Caprihaven Dairy


It’s goats galore at Caprihaven Dairy and Kuma’s Playpen Ranch. This unique vendor stand has a little of everything, but goat products are the focus.

Beth and David Kenelley run Caprihaven Dairy, which means “goat haven”. In addition to competing show goats, the Kenelleys have 13 milk goats. In addition to selling plain goat milk,  they make goat milk butter, yogurt, fudge, mozzarella, ricotta, chevre, crumbled goat cheese.

Thomas and Ruthann Macheski of Kuma’s Playpen are the faces of the booth, and they are at market just about every week. Their land is in Archer, and there they raise meat goats, beef cattle, pigs, laying chickens, and sometimes a spring vegetable garden. Ruthann makes goat milk soap, jams, jellies, and gluten free baked goods.

The Macheskis and Kennelleys have been friends for 20 years, and when Beth was first starting to raise goats, she couldn’t use it all and ended up pouring out the extra. Recently the Macheskis have been helping out at the dairy. “This was a way to make the farm a little more economical for Beth,” said Ruthann. “It’s turned out to be a good adventure.”

Ruthann grew up in a farm environment in Michigan, though she and Thomas have lived in Florida for the past 40 years. Her grandmother taught her how to prepare food, but she taught herself how to make soap. “Mainly it’s my extreme hobby,” Ruthann said. “Our soap is an emolient type. It doesn’t strip your body of its natural oils and protective layers. It’s good for people with skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.”

Each week there’s a little something different at their booth, but customers can be assured that all their products-- from soap to fudge to fresh produce-- are chemical free. “Really none of it is work, “Ruthann said. “It’s fun to educate people on what sustainable agriculture truly is.”