Fehrenbacher Artisan Sausage

Even though he’s been a chef for 20 years, Adam Fehrenbacher’s expertise for his artisan sausage came from his upbringing. “But I grew up around pigs--I fished and hunted and always made sausage growing up,” Adam said. “That’s something I knew how to do long before I became a chef.” He has a bachelor’s in culinary arts, and is currently the chef at Mildred’s New Deal Cafe, but he credits his inspiration for Fehrenbacher’s Artisan Sausage to growing up on a farm in the Midwest.

Adam sources some of the ingredients for his original recipes right at Haile Farmers Market, unless he’s growing them himself. “I grow my own peppers for the spicy sausages, like for the datil and ghost sausages,” he said. Other popular sausage flavors include ginger sage breakfast sausage, Mexican chorizo, and sweet and spicy Italian sausage.

Fehrenbacher’s Artisan Sausage sources its pork from the Meat Lab at UF. Adam explained that the pork industry doesn’t use hormones and only antibiotics when they’re sick. His sausage only contains fresh ingredients, and no sodium nitrates.

And what do you do with a pound of fresh sausage? “We throw it on the grill,” Adam said. “It’s good pan fried, good in lots of dishes from soups to pasta.”