D&L Farm

Vic Douglas and Pat Long are familiar faces at market-- they raise crops on their own land in Trenton, but for years they helped Leo Polopolus at his Arcadian Farms booth. Leo sadly passed away in 2015, and the couple now manages Leo’s farm for his family.

Vic was raised on a farm right here in Alachua County, across the road from Ginnie Springs. As a boy, he and his friends cleaned out the spring run, which used to be clogged with limbs and grass, and by the time they were done with it they could swim in it. Pat got into farming later in life. She and Vic have been “significant others” for 14 years, but decided not to get married. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” Pat said.

D&L has quite a spread each week, but Vic is working on streamlining their growing operation. “I’m going to concentrate on a few items that sell well at market,” Vic said. “Farming is a lot of work and we’re not getting any younger,” Pat added.

For Vic, the most fun part about farming is eating, and he’s got simple tastes. Like many of us farmers market regulars, he looks forward to tomato season every year. And though they’re a pain to raise, shelling peas like white acre peas and zipper peas are a summer treat for him too. “That’s all I gotta have, peas and cornbread,” he said.