Alligood Farm

Edward Cowles from Alligood Farm knows his way around plants. He’s always grown a small nursery, which he maintained throughout his years working as a horticultural therapist for a state institution. Now that he’s retired, he has been able to ramp up his activities with Alligood Farm, which is located outside High Springs.

Edward imports standard and handmade clay pots and fills them with plants that he’s grown. “I get them from a gentleman who knows a family in Appalachia,” Edward said. Alligood Farm plants potted one-of-a-kind handmade pots make great gifts, but they also look wonderful as houseplants or patio plants.

Edward also sells vegetables starts in spring, as well as landscape plants for home gardeners. Of all the plants he grows, he certainly has some favorites. “I like the butterfly plants, like pintas and scarlet milkweed,” Edward said. The plant selection offered by Alligood Farm changes throughout the season, so stop by next chance to check out new plants at market this week.