All Dried Up Natural Snacks



You know your fruit and veggie chip business is taking over your life when you convert your garage to a dehydrating kitchen. After Randal Long and his wife Melanie experienced health problems and a layoff, respectively, they were on the lookout to try something new. “We went from selling 75 bags of snacks a week to over 1000,” said Randal.

Randal and Melanie are the founders of All Dried Up Natural Snacks, and sell dehydrated fruit and vegetable snacks. “We were doing dog treats, and someone said why don’t you do it for humans?” Randal said. “Through experimentation and trial and error, this is now what we do full time.”

Randal is involved with the process from start the finish, beginning with fresh fruits and vegetables, seasonings, and finally dehydrating. You see some familiar favorites on the table, like apple chips, but look for pineapple chips, kale chips, and tomato chips called Pizza Without The Crust. Randal suggests that his customers put his savory chips on sandwiches, crush them up and add them to olive oil for a dip, or use them to shovel hummus into your mouth. But of course, you could just eat them the old fashioned way. “They’re all ready to eat right out of the bag,” Randal said.